1550nm DFB/ 1625nm DFB Narrow line width butterfly laser module

Multiple Quantum Well (MQW)  Distributed Feedback (DFB) Laser family has different wavelength and output power selection.  

☆  We have our own chip design and development team.  
☆  All high output power butterfly laser modules are mass production available.

☆  Application in advanced medical ,microelectronics ,aerospace, military, sensor and telecom industries and so on .
☆  All lasers focus on the on-site engineering scenarios and customize for you . One-stop Service.
☆  We are pursue technological excellence , cost-effective solution ,high reliability & quality assurance .  


  • JT
  • Xiamen ,China
  • 10 work days
  • 50 pcs/each wavelength one week
  • Information

Laser SeriesGTA9014GTA9N
Wavelength1550nm / 1625nm 

1550.12nm / 1542.94nm 

DWDM narrow line width series 

Output Power1-100mW
FiberSMF, MMF (50/125, 62.5/125,PMF) and so on

14pins butterfly TEC cooler

14pins  DIL TEC cooler


1550nm/1625nm narrow line width wavelength laserGTA9014.pdf

Please contact us for fututer more information 

Junte Communication's DFB laser has different wavelength Selection .

DFB laser provides pure ,single longitudinal mode and extremely stable wavelength source. This laser diode is fabricated with Multiple Quantum Well (MQW) for excellent reliability and stability.

This MQW DFB laser features high output power,good Side Mode Suppression Ratio (SMSR) and a builtin thermoelectric cooler,thermistor,and rear-faced monitor photodiode for external optical power control.

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