Passive Components

The passive components family has many different kind of circulator, coupler, Filter, FWDM, adaptor and so on .

  • JT
  • Xiamen ,China
  • 7 work days
  • 2000pcs one week
  • Information
NameOrder Part No.
1x2 CouplerGTA7040
2x2 CouplerGTA7070
1x2 1310nm CirculatorGTA7010
1x2 1550nm CirculatorGTA7030
1x2 1625nm Circulator GTA7050
1310nm /1550nm filterGTA7080
1625nm FWDM GTA7090

OTDR mini adaptor 

(main body  is circular type)


OTDR mini adaptor 

(main body  is square type)


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